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How to eat a burger

Always. That’s the answer to the question when and how should I eat a burger. Burgers are GOOD MOOD FOOD! Add BACON, everything is better with bacon….

You have ordered your burger and you smile as a gorgeous huge plate of hot delicious burger goodness turns up at your table.Is it possible to enjoy your juicy culinary work of art without it exploding or without looking like a slobby cave man… Sure is! Here is our step by step guide on how to remain suave and in control

  1. Admire your plate of juicy goodness, ensure your burger looks balanced.
  2. Grip your burger like a lover, firm, in control, but remember to be gentle so the tender insides don’t ooze out. Have your fingers splayed, balanced on either side of the burger, so you can remain in control at all times while you reach for a chip.
  3. Once you are comfortable with your grip, DON’T PUT THE BURGER DOWN, you are committed, you’re going in. there is NO turning back now.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get a little messy, all that delicious juice running down your hand is just your burger loving you back, and it’s the sign of a well-made burger!
  5. ENJOY!!!!!